For my Educational Technology class, I have been tasked to complete a “Free Inquiry Project” throughout the semester. The goal of this project is to learn about something that I am passionate or curious about, through weekly task analysis which I will post about on this website. I have decided that for my project, I am going to try to increase my culinary skills and explore the world of baking!

I am currently not very passionate about cooking or baking – but I would like to be! I specifically would like to expand my knowledge and competency at making baked goods as they have a longer shelf life and it will therefore be easier to distribute among friends, family, and classmates for their feedback! Although the main objective of this project is to improve my overall culinary skill, inquiry projects are much more about the journey than the destination! I greatly look forward to the process and the failures, achievements, and learning that will occur along the way.

My friend, coworker, and classmate Madi and I have decided to work in pairs for this project – we will collaborate on recipe selection, the process of making the baked goods, as well as final evaluation and reflection on each good we create. However, our blog posts will be made individually as our reflections may differ depending on the different roles we take on throughout the process and feedback we receive. You can follow her perspective on our joint project from her blog as well!

If you have any suggestions on recipes we should try out, opinions or wisdom to share, or if you just want to make sure you’re on the list of people to try out our yummy treats – please let us know!