Welcome to the most complex recipe that Madi and I have attempted so far!

We found this recipe for S’mores Cookie Cups and figured that since this is our last recipe of the year – we might as well go big or go home!

We began by pre-heating our oven to 350 degrees and preparing our muffin time by spraying it with some non-stick cooking spray.

We added the flour to our bowl

We needed to mix it with graham crack crumbs, so Madi let our all of her aggression by crushing some graham crackers.

We added this to our bowl

And added in the baking soda and salt

We set this mixture aside to start blending some other ingredients together, starting with butter

And our brown and white sugar

Then we added in the egg

And vanilla

Then we added our flour mixture in and beat until combined, and set up our muffin tin

And put them in the oven!

While our cookie cups were in the oven, we chopped up a Hershey’s chocolate bar to melt!

We stuck it in the microwave with whipping cream, stirring in thirty-second increments

After about 13 minutes in the oven, our cookie cups were ready to come out. We used a little container to press firmly down in the centre of each cookie cup to create a well. We then transferred it to a wire rack to cool

Then we poured our melted chocolate into the wells in the cookie cups

We then put them into the fridge to set and got started on our marshmallow fluff

We placed out water, sugar, and honey into a medium saucepan and combined all of our ingredients together

We found a thermometer and I monitored it carefully as we heated the saucepan over medium-high heat.

While I watched our the stove, Madi got the rest of our mixture ready by placing egg whites and cream of tartar in our bowl. When the sugar syrup reached 225 degrees, we started whipping the egg whites. At first, we were a bit concerned as they were not creating soft peaks – but they eventually did! We whipped the mixture for approximately 3-4 minutes until the sugar syrup was about 240 degrees. We removed the saucepan from the heat and, with the mixer on medium, we slowly poured it in.

We continued to whip the mixtures together until it thickened and fluffed up, for about 7-8 minutes.

We then added our marshmallow fluff to a Ziploc Freezer Bag to create a DIY icing bag, and cut off the tip.

Then we frosted our cookie cups!

It was then time to bring out the blow torch to lightly toast the edges of our marshmallow fluff… We required my father’s assistance with this task

As you can see… some of the wrappers came out a bit burnt – but no people did so I consider it a success!

And… the finished product:

And time for feedback:

They were delicious! Albeit very sweet, I would say that in the future I would try holding back on some of the honey used in the sugar syrup to make the frosting less sweet. However, the sugar syrup portion of the recipe was very finicky and I’m not sure I would want to try and make adjustments. Perhaps using corn syrup instead of honey would make it a bit better. Otherwise, I was really impressed at the texture of the chocolate centre, I thought it would for sure harden but it remained a really nice fudge-like consistency. Overall, they were enjoyed by all!

Throughout pursing this inquiry project this past semester, I’m pretty proud of how far Madi and I have come not only with our baking skills – but also with our willingness to try new things and to challenge ourselves!